Q&A with UCA President Allen Meadors

President Meadors will begin a new chapter as president of the University of Central Arkansas on July 1. We wanted to give UCA Magazine readers a little insight into the new president, so we sent him 10 quick questions. Read on to learn more about UCA’s ninth president.

UCA Magazine: Did you have a nickname in college? If so, what was it?

President Meadors: No nicknames, that I remember.

UCA Magazine: If you could travel back in time and give Allen Meadors (the student) one piece of advice, what would it be?

 President Meadors: Always give it your best, remember the past but always be looking forward.

 UCA Magazine: How did you meet Mrs. Meadors?

 President Meadors: On a blind date in San Diego

 UCA Magazine: What are you reading right now?

 President Meadors: This e-mail (just kidding) – “Growing up digital” by Don Tapscott

 UCA Magazine: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

 President Meadors: Reading, plays, sports, and working out

 UCA Magazine: If you weren’t president of UCA – or any university for that matter – what would your dream job be?

 President Meadors: A gifted writer of wonderful fiction novels. The ability to give people a break (as good authors do) from their daily lives and challenge their imagination is a true gift.

 UCA Magazine: What would people be surprised to find out about you?

 President Meadors: How much I enjoyed seeing and being part of our sons’ lives as they were growing up.

 UCA Magazine: What three words best describe you personally?

 President Meadors: Committed, Challenging, Objective

 UCA Magazine: Outside of your family, who is the one person who knows you best?

 President Meadors: Probably Steve Gutos – a colleague for over 30 years.

 UCA Magazine: What is the one thing you’re most anxious to do when you arrive in Conway?

 President Meadors: Start to work and help make a positive contribution.


President Meadors introduced to campus, community

UCA President Allen C. Meadors

UCA President Allen C. Meadors

Dr. Allen C. Meadors, former chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, was introduced on Friday to a standing-room-only crowd of campus and community supporters as the ninth president of the University of Central Arkansas.

Meadors and his wife, Barbara, were introduced by Rush Harding III, chairman of the board of trustees, who said, “It’s a new day at UCA.”

Meadors said his presidency would be about putting students first both in and out of the classroom. His advice to students is to “dream big – that’s what I continue to do.”

He said that not everyone would like every decision he makes, but he will be fair and honest in his decisions as president. “I believe this is a great university,” he said. “I was here 40 years ago as a student. I’m sure many would like to serve their alma mater and few get that opportunity. I’m happy to be able to do that now.”

Born in Van Buren, Meadors is a 1969 graduate of UCA (then State College of Arkansas). In 1981, he earned a doctorate in administration and education from Southern Illinois University.

Meadors has had a 25-plus year career as a faculty member and academic administrator for both regional and research universities. Since 1999, he served as chancellor of UNCP. Prior to that, he served five years as CEO and Dean (now chancellor) of Penn State Altoona.